BrainyBag – Animals


  1. Handcrafted product.
  2. One-time purchase.
  3. Busy Bag comprising Chinese Character Stroke cards, Binder ring, Whiteboard marker and eraser, POM POM pegs and Plastic pouch.
  4. Made to order.

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BrainyBag – Animals  动物八宝袋

One-time purchase.

Learn about the Chinese names of the 12 animals found in the Chinese Zodiac (rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat/sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig) through some tracing activities, and on the back of each stroke card, peg the box with the correct Chinese animal name.
Hanyu Pinyin of the animal names is included to help parents and educators who need assistance with the Chinese language.

Take these post-card sized gems with you to a restaurant, church, grandma’s house, in the car, on a plane… they go where you go and keep your child engaged and quiet! The cards are also great for keeping your little one busy during quiet time at home or while Mum makes dinner, helps older kids with homework or tends to a new baby.

This BrainyBag contains:

  1. 12 double sided dry erase character stroke cards, bound by a binder ring
  2. 1 whiteboard marker*
  3. 1 whiteboard eraser*
  4. 5 POM POM pegs
  5. 1 plastic pouch for easy storage and travel

* Design may vary.

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