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PSLE 2020 – New Textbooks for Primary 6 Chinese

PSLE has been evolving and n case you are wondering if this major examination next year will be any different from 2019's, read on.

There is no change to the format but come 2020, we will have new Primary 6 Chinese textbooks (欢乐伙伴) with new vocabulary, new sentences and even new skills to learn.

So parents of 2020 batch of Primary 6 students should know the following by now :-

1) Pre-2020 textbooks, past year test papers and assessment books* are obsolete! Do take note when making your purchases at book stores.

2) Old issues of 新列车、知识报 and 大拇指 may still be useful but new vocabulary will need to be learnt and practiced.

*Oral, listening comprehension, comprehension and composition components may still be of use as they retain the current format.

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