About Us

BrainyPlay was built out of a belief in the importance of developing communication confidence, particularly in Chinese Language. We believe that good language skills help kids express themselves clearly and confidently, and in turn, compete better and be successful in today's global market.

BrainyPlay is a Chinese language specialist offering multisensory thematic Chinese programmes and resources to help children acquire the language.
We create experiences that combine learning and play as we know that children learn best when they are having fun.
With professional trainers and a wide variety of resources available, your child will be able to master the Chinese language in Singapore and beyond.

In our programmes, we ensure that all kids learn from qualified and experienced teachers to communicate in Mandarin proficiently. Our teachers are also patient and will guide your kid along as they learn the language, making every session a fun and engaging experience. As our educator team is bilingual, you can be assured that they will be able to explain any questions your kid may have during the lesson.

With our monthly multisensory thematic learning subscription programme, BrainyBox, we strive to make it fun, easy, and delightful for families to spend time bonding and learning Chinese together.

Our curriculum is aligned with the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus.

As a professional Chinese language education provider, we offer revolutionary Mandarin language programmes and resources to meet your kids' learning needs.  Simply contact us today to find out how we can help your kid build interest and excel at the Chinese language.