Our Methodology

Our programmes are deliberately designed to be brain-boosting and playful!
But what exactly does this mean and why is being ‘playful’ important? After all, learning Chinese is a serious business – isn’t it?

Do you remember the way we learnt Chinese when we were children at school?
And do you remember how we felt about it? Many of us dreaded our Chinese classes!

We don’t want children today to feel the same about Chinese as we did when we were young. We want our students to learn, love and live the language. For this to happen, it’s important to maintain every student’s interest – every step of the way. This is why all our lessons are consistently playful, brain-boosting and leave our students keen for more!

Designed to break away from the rigid way in which Chinese is traditionally taught, our programmes put the emphasis on brainy play! To ensure that every element of learning stays fun, relevant and most important of all effective, we use specially designed theme-based multisensory games, role-play and brain-stimulating discussions which encourage students to share their thoughts and ideas.

BrainyPlay’s curriculum is aligned with MOE’s syllabus for Chinese Language at both preschool and primary levels, ensuring plenty of familiarity with MOE designated keywords. In fact, our educator team continually collates the latest exam papers to ensure emphasis on commonly tested keywords. Students and parents can look forward to improved results in school and feel confidently prepared for exams.

One of the key factors that sets us apart is our delivery. As an experienced educator team, we know from research that children learn best when they are having fun, when they feel inspired by the people and environment around them, and when they are praised and encouraged along the way.

Our tried and tested methodology to boost the brain and spark an enjoyment of learning through play, lets students experience Chinese in action, ensuring that the knowledge and skills they acquire are meaningful, relevant and most importantly, remembered for life. Through this interactive approach, learning the language becomes second nature.