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BrainyPlay offers Chinese tuition and enrichment programmes and resources at playgroup, preschool and primary levels in Singapore. We provide Chinese enrichment lessons for children as young as 18 months, giving long-lasting experiences in their formative years. Through a learner-centric approach, BrainyPlay provides a holistic environment where children learn while having fun. With a passionate and experienced educator team dedicated to helping students succeed in school and in life, we enable students to reach their full potential.

Why BrainyPlay


Your kids are learning, but they think they are just having fun.

We maintain a small class size for  optimal engagement.


Your kids will enjoy learning Chinese and also develop an appreciation for Chinese culture.


Time strapped?
Everything you need to keep your kid engaged is delivered right to your door - you can start right away.


Father of Aaron (P5)

"We are a non-speaking Chinese family and having transferred from an international school to a local primary school only in P4, Aaron faced many challenges to catch up with the language and didn't pass any of his Chinese practice papers. I decided to give these flashcards a try as his Chinese exam was a week away. He managed to score 40/50 in Section A of his paper and a final score of 58/90. These flashcards are really effective."

Mother of Rafael (K2)

"Thank you for sending us this fun and engaging Chinese literacy BrainyBox.
We loved the detailed step by step instructions on how to carry out the activities for each component. R had fun matching, writing and learning, using the Chinese character strokes cards which enhance the learning process in another tactical way."

Allie (P6)

"Unlike other flashcards which are dry as they are in black and white and only have words, BrainyPlay's flashcards are visually engaging and the English translation and example sentences help me to understand the vocabulary and its application easily. I hadn't manage to pass my Chinese exam since P5 but after using these flashcards to prepare for my recent preliminary Paper 2 exam, I scored 42/50 in Section A and an overall score of 57/90. Thank you BrainyPlay."

Natalie (P6)

"Chinese used to be my least favourite subject until I attended Teacher's classes. The classes are very fun and interactive. We learn how to use keywords through role-play and games during class, which makes it a lot easier for me to remember important words and phrases. I really like Teacher as she is very caring and clarifies my doubts in a very clear manner. My results improved from C to A in PSLE."

Mother of Josh (P4)

"Thank you so much for helping Josh. After attending your class for only 1 month, he improved from 18/100 to 46/100 for his recent test.
This has helped boost his confidence and we believe he will do better and better."

Mother of Lowelle (K1)

"I like BrainyBox most as it is so handy and convenient that I can bring around for my kids to practise during dining. I am so amazed by the little duster that is so convenient to bring out for writing after use."

Mother of Kayla (P1)

"I like that it is sensitive to English speaking parents who are trying to speak Mandarin to our kids. The bilingual stories, games and activities are well thought through and helpful to both kids and parents."

Ethan (P4)

"I used not to be able to score for the note-writing section in Comprehension but after learning the techniques from Teacher within a couple of classes, I managed to get full marks in the recent CA2.

The games that we play in class are really fun and I find it easier to learn keywords".

Mother of Noelle (2 years old)

"She started not being able to speak a word of Chinese, and just after a couple of months, she could name her toys in Chinese.
We appreciate your hard work in engaging Noelle and we can tell she has learnt a lot from you."

Mother of Jerald (N2)

"My son and I got to try the CNY-themed BrainyBox and we loved it! The box provided a fun mix of learning, craft and game activities that took us hours to complete over a few sessions.
I like how the activities were carefully designed to teach fundamentals such as stroke order of characters while making it fun for the kids through stickers and marker pens. The character cards and flash cards were also very well made. I like how they are laminated and can be reused. My overall experience rating: 5/5."

Learning Chinese Will Never Be The Same Again

About Us

BrainyPlay creates and delivers hands-on language learning opportunities for young minds. We offer Chinese Language programmes and resources that are designed to be academic but also fun for kids. Our mission is to prepare the next generation with the language skills and expanded world view to compete and be successful in today's global market. All BrainyPlay products are put together in Singapore and tested by kids.

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